No more Ichigo Mashimaro, Chiro-chan!

3 03 2013

As of today, Marshmallow Scans will no longer distribute any releases by Ralen in relation to Ichigo Mashimaro, Chiro-chan and any other manga he takes on in the future. Ralen no longer wants to be associated with Mashmallow Scans since it has become an official scan group, while Ralen is not a member.

Ralen will continue to provide translations for Ichigo Mashimaro and Chiro-chan via the Wakachan and Secchan Image Boards, so if you visit those web-sites, you can read them there.

As of 05/11/2013, Marshmallow Scans will no longer be providing or distributing any new manga content. You can therefore regard this message as the closure of the group. This web-site will remain active for as long as I can remember it, but all future projects will be released under the parent group, ray=out. Visit or for subsequent releases.


Ichigo Mashimaro V07 C61-70 English

21 07 2013

[ Compilation of Chapters 61 to 70 from Volume 07: Download ]

The ordering from the magazine issues that I labelled on Manga-Updates is inaccurate and based on theoretical calculations from the number of pages each chapter could be. The ordering on this volume compilation is official and accurate in accordance with the raws.

Edit 07-08-2013: I have now included the translation for the five untranslated pages, thanks to Ralen. The volume 07 link has been updated and the old link has been deleted.

If you have the previous zip file and don’t want to re-download the new one, I have included a patch (double click .bat file; only for Windows users, Linus users need to use Terminal) that you can extract and run. It will automatically give you the latest file and you can then delete the old version.

Since Barasui as decided to continue the Ichigo Mashimaro manga, I shall also be uploading the latest releases on the Archives page, but will NOT be announcing them on the home-page of anywhere else.

For those waiting on the final volume of Watashi no Oniichan: Ralen has started the translation, while I am helping him on the cleaning.

Shocking News!

28 02 2013

The seventh volume of Ichigo Mashimaro has made its appearance on Amazon. After bloody four years since the sixth volume, Barasui’s Ichigo Mashimaro finally gets a seventh tankouban. That’s great news! Now I just hope there is still someone out there that is motivated enough to scan and share it – though, I will be just as shocked if someone truly does do that this year.

Before you come asking me, Ralen has already translated the potential chapters of the seventh volume. Every release since chapter 60 can be considered part of it. Though, Barasui’s tankouban averages 160 pages, so it will most likely be everything since the 2010-03 issue – which more or less is exactly 160 pages worth of content. That said, this seventh volume of Ichigo Mashimaro may be the last to the story. Barasui has not released anything new to convince us that there is material for a potential eighth volume in the works. Maybe the tankouban contains a special finale chapter? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

Usagi Drop Volume 10 Chapter 5 + Finale

27 02 2013

Here it is everyone! The final two chapters and the end of the Usagi Drop saga.

Chapter 5, Careless Labyrinth is about Kouki’s past while the Final Chapter, Since Then is a sort of reunion or aftermath following the end of the main story.

Kouki’s past is a mixed bag of how he came to befriend that female (girl)-friend of his in school as well as Kouki’s desire to attend the same middle school as Rin. On the other hand, the reunion or aftermath chapter is also a mixed bag as it does not portray any real reunion with all of the main or side characters. It was mainly just encounters initially involving Kouki and a couple side characters, then Kouki and Daikichi, and ends with Daikichi and Rin talking about life.

[ Chapter 5 Download | Read On-line ] [ Chapter 6 Download | Read On-line ]

Usagi Drop Volume 10 Chapter 4

17 02 2013

Hello again, everyone!

Sorry about the delay, but here is another chapter of Usagi Drop. It was sent to Auwx along with the previous chapter, but he could only do one at a time in his busy school life schedule. This chapter takes a look back at Rin’s mother and how she became pregnant with her second child. I must say though, she is very gullible and her partner is somewhat of a playboy. As guardian of a child myself, I can understand the feeling Daikichi had regarding Rin’s mother.

[ Download ] [ Read On-line Here ]

Usagi Drop Volume 10 Chapter 3

14 02 2013

Hello everyone.

In case you haven’t read the About page this month, I am really excited to tell you that Marshmallow Scans and its sister site Yotsuba Scans are now part of the ray=out manga services family. The details are mentioned on the page.

For now, enjoy the first ever (real) Marshmallow Scans project in collaboration with Random Fan, the group behind the completion of the My Girl manga (similar to Usagi Drop in terms of story) and currently working on Hotman. Check them out if you haven’t!

[ Download ] [ Read On-line Here ]

Watashi no Oniichan Coming Soon!

4 01 2013

Good News! I have purchased the final/bonus volume of Watashi no Oniichan.

My contact in Japan will scan or photograph it as soon as possible. It will probably be this month or the next. The lack of a physical scanner is delaying it. I will also be giving it away (in a give-away, it comes with a figure after all) after it has been translated. If you are a fan of the series or just want to win something (S&H not included), keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming months.

It is currently in Japan (Kansai region). So estimate your shipping and handling fees from international couriers of Japan that ship to your location. I do not know the weight of the product, but the dimensions are 8.4 x 6 x 1.3 inches (21.33 x 15.24 x 3.3 cm).

Last Edited 11/02/2013: We’ve acquired a scanner, but now the delay is due to the lack of experience in de-binding. My contact does not have a physical iron, so he is using the hair dryer method. Before he touches Watashi no Oniichan, he’s practising with other books, so that it turns out well. We’ll still try to get this scanned this month, but in case you don’t see any releases, then it will most definitely be next month.